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Normally, the place of septic filter is in the Wastewater tank in the tee or in a different chamber outside and close to the wastewater tank. But how can we know when to wash the septic filter, and how can you avoid drainfield harmful?

Do you require a filter in a septic tank?
The accumulation of solids in the filter results in low Performance of the septic tank but creates a problem that's a lot easier and less costly to clean and maintain than the accumulation of solids in the drainage area. Septic tank installed since the residue (and sometimes the undissolved detergent clot) can significantly raise the congestion of the sewage system.



We often recommend a septic system Filter to protect drainage fields with restricted capacities or low absorption websites. If the septic tank is properly preserved, including regular checks for the collection and disposal of solids, a filter might not be required.

Avoid damaging a drain box when cleaning the sewage filter
Temporarily stop the running water at the construction, which is Operated by the septic tank through the cleaning and inspection of the clarifier. Preventing wastewater from entering the tank in this period prevents the wastewater from entering the discharge place during the elimination of the cleaning filter.

Examine the waste water level in the wastewater tank. When the wastewater Tank opens into the access door to inspect and clean the septic tank filter, assess the waste water level in the waste tank before removing the filter. If the degree of wastewater from the tank (floating debris, sewage, sludge) is remarkably high, this indicates a blockage of the machine (possibly clogged filters).

Don't remove the filter if the tank is too large. Otherwise sewage, solid, floating memory, and Grease will enter the drain box, which might clog the filter or degrade its life. If the tank is too high (slipping over the inlet or outlet door or the Tank is filled up), it's suggested to pump the tank prior to removing and cleaning the septic effluent filter.



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